Thursday, December 24, 2020

Benefits Of IOS App Development For Your Business

In today’s world of technology, mobile applications play a vital role in the growth and development of businesses. Having a mobile app with a user-friendly interface and robust features can help you reach out to the masses on a global level. Without a doubt, iPhone apps have been the center of attention for years, and even today they continue to grow. iPhone apps are known for their high-quality and revenue-generating for businesses. Therefore today, every start-up to a well-established business is investing their time and resources into IOS App Development. So, if you are someone who’s thinking about investing in IOS app development to expand and take your business to the next level, tag along and read till the very end. 

Benefits of IOS App Development for Businesses

    1. Increased ROI

iPhone apps have better reach and offer greater ROI as compared to android app development. And this is one of the major reasons, that contributes to the preference for IOS app development. The paying capacity of Apple clients is still more as compared to Android clients. With perfect hardware, on-time customer support, and advanced features, Apple has won over the trust of people for offering the best user experience, which always works in favor of the business. 

    2. Security of Data

Trusting apps with sensitive and confidential data of a business enterprise is a big risk when it comes to android applications. On the other hand, IOS apps have high security, protect firmware and software through stringent security with the following:

    • Integrated data handling systems

    • Preventing duplication of data

    • Ensuring no loss of data due to data encryption 

Also, another advantage of IOS app development for businesses is that IOS apps offer security in terms of hacking and malware which attracts more customers. 

    3. Established Customer Base

The biggest advantage of IOS apps is the established customer base which is another deciding factor when it comes to choosing between IOS and android app development. Statistically even today, the percentage of android users is higher as compared to apple, but, even the lesser percentage of apple users are loyal customers who believe in the brand, its quality as well as performance. And, once an android customer switches to IOS, it becomes very difficult to use any other OS. 

    4. Tech-Ready Customers

iPhone users are quite tech-savvy and updated when it comes to the latest technology upgrade in the market. This makes it easier for businesses to innovate and experiment with new and advanced technologies giving them an opportunity to enjoy the ‘first-mover advantage” and become market leaders. 

    5. Apps for all business needs

From big companies to small brands, everyone has recognized the importance of having mobile apps for the growth and development of their business. Today, consumers want user-friendly and responsive apps and we all know having mobile apps acts as the perfect gateway for reaching out to the masses. IOS apps are now very advanced and made accessible to suit all business types and needs. 

    6. Low fragmentation and easy testing 

There are various devices that use an array of Android operating systems. Whereas on the other hand, Apple hardly has 20+ mobile devices in the market. And so, having lesser types of devices and IOS versions contributes towards making the process of app development easier and faster too. The developers can easily run tests and fix all the issues before the app goes out in the market. 

    7. Secure Transactions

Security is a bigger issue than it seems, but when it comes to IOS apps, apple ensures utmost security and privacy while making any transactions via encryption. This is another deciding factor that makes IOS mobile app the better choice. With the iPad and iPhone’s increasing popularity, sales and businesses are improving and enjoying higher returns and profits. 

We have just listed a few of the advantages of choosing IOS app development. It is not a very difficult task as it might be seeming. You can simply choose either of the options i.e. hire a good and the topmost mobile app development company in the US or go for a dedicated best in-line IOS app development company in the US. Before making the final decision, make sure you thoroughly understand IOS benefits for your business. 


Thursday, August 20, 2020

Reasons Why Your App Reseller Program Is Not Working and How to Fix it?

Mobile is an arena that many marketers and business owners are looking to break into. Until recently, with the change in technology all knew how important it is and is a big hold up for many. But as the application market grows more DIY app building programs are making it easy for the business to start mobile app development.

Anyone with a desire to learn can start his or her own app business. DIY app building program is the best program that provides tools to create apps, without knowing how to write a line of code.App reselling offersthe potential to generate a deal of revenue for both sellers and marketers.There is no fact to deny that all the businesses experience hiccups which do not mean you should walk away from the potential to earn money.

Here, we have discussed some of the problems that many resellers experience and look for the tips to fix it.

No Utilization of  Marketing Materials

You may be born with marketing skills and have been into this business for years, but selling the mobile application is a different task where your business skills cannot be utilized. One to be a good seller and marketers to advertise the app among customers. Millions of applications are available on the play store and iOS store, and the app industry is changing a lot with changes in technology. So, the selling tips that were used before may not help to sell your app in the market. You need to stay updated with the latest technology and sales trends in the app industry.

The developer you hire will have a vast library of resources like videos,e-books, webinars,and many more to use for good ideas. Even, it is beneficial to access training videos for selling app in different niches. So, it is a good way to start.You can also read some blogs like this to simplify things and educate yourself about selling apps.

Your Pricing is Imperfect

When the point of reselling android and IOS  comes,pricing is an important factor to consider. It is necessary to be concerned with the pricing of your apps. Check, whether the price you offered is competitive enough with what other offers One most important problem that reseller encounter is mobile apps are extra difficult, as routine updates and maintenance occur due to which most of the seller include a monthly service fee in their pricing.

Better to invest time in studying the right pricing model and place yourself in the right quadrant for earning a good income. The last important reason to know when your price should not be monetary is while generating profits, especially at the start, publicity is even better. Even,after putting much effort, you are not getting a lot of business, which means it is time to give some gifts.

You Lack Specialization

You are not the only mobile app seller in the stores. If you don’t have unique selling points, then you are not more than salesman knocking on the door. The easiest way to make yourself unique is to find a specific type of business that you are especially adept at creating apps for. Research has been conducted on employed specialists vs. generalists. The result proved that for every four-business generalist on your time, required at least a skilled specialist.


Growth matters in every business. Apart from your goal as a mobile app reseller, there is a need to focus more on the growth and revenue that your business generates every year. On having trouble in growing your mobile app and reselling business, better to follow above mentioned common reasons and tips to break through that wall and continue succeeding.



Thursday, April 16, 2020

What are the best 9 open source app development software solutions?

Before you look at the best open source app development software solutions, it is necessary to know how an app is developed by the developers. Who are the best app developers in the market? How to choose them and lots of other stuff.

At first, good to find out what are the best and cost-effective ways to choose an open-source app development software solution. There are lots of apps in the digital era and it depends on you and app type you want to choose for the purpose. It is good to have clear and transparent knowledge about picking up the app. Before choosing, it is beneficial to know the purpose of creating apps and what is the way your audience will utilize it most. Know about how it will benefit you in the future.
Here, we have explained a few popular and widely used open-source app development software solutions.

Endless customization is done by Using JavaScript. It is mostly used in constructing the android and iOS applications

With their help, hybrid applications are prepared using the app makers. The application gets built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Even one can use the base code in the building of the applications. The audience can browse the application through any of the devices as it provides a good experience to the users.
There is no need for developers to know more programming languages. Instead of that, they can get started with languages for app creation.

3.Apache Cordova
With the help of this app, you can build cross-platform apps where it allows you to use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

4.Iconic Framework
With its help, one can develop high-quality cross-platform apps for android, and iOS. Even with its help web is developed and this framework uses a single code base.

With this app, one can construct applications of mobile, desktop, and web. It is also known as a crucial prototyping tool.

 6.Native Script
It helps to build native apps and cross-platform web applications by using JavaScript.

With its help, one can build fast and reliable apps. It becomes easy to fix the bugs at a faster speed. It builds much more attractive UI’s for mobile, desktop and web too.

8.Jason Ette
It is one of the precooked apps that require downloading, installing the application. Jason Ette converts JSON into iOS and android native components.

It is also one of the free, open-source mobile app development software preferred for creating hybrid apps. With its help, you can build applications for different platforms like Android, iOS, and web — using a single code base.
Even it offers intuitive UI components that speed up the app development process. Besides, it deployed almost everywhere. It is known as popular technology and is easy to learn.
So, like this, there are hundreds of mobile app development software available in the market. Best is to check all the features before you choose the final open-source app development software solutions.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Mistake of Designing an App that is Output Driven

The rise and fall of mobile applications in the current business give a sign of how user experience has become the biggest brand differentiation. The users not only want everything at their fingers but also want to have the entire experience to be modelled around their preferences. There is no room for your app design mistakes which can hurt your conversion.

The latest revenue from a mobile application is more and is expected to be double. It is comfortable for developers and businesses to launch applications as it does not reveal the entire story. Even we all know that the amount of time spent on mobile apps is rising along with new applications facing difficulties in achieving popularity.

The entire app time used is dedicated to the top three most used applications for each user. The different app design mistakes like “app being output-driven” contribute to a lack of ability of applications to achieve success.

Let’s look at the necessity to design an outcome-driven application
Creating an application that captures your audience just requires very little time. It requires a deep understanding of the users that you have never met before and knows how the user will use the app. The output is app design mistakes that result from losing focus on what companies are looking to create outputs instead of outcomes.

All the things revolve around feature ideas. Ideally, they need to be aligned with the required outcome. But it is not the case as the concepts are not practices.

The narrow approach makes it difficult for you to keep your focus on the functionality and outcome that users required. Only vendors know what the criteria are to value based on their time.
At last, we can say that common app design mistakes like output-driven approach has an undesirable impact on your business. In a competitive business landscape, you don’t optimise for user outcomes so it can be the reason behind an unsuccessful app.

Best is to focus more on designing applications that are outcome eccentric. Even it is good for you to avoid app design mistakes that obstruct acceptance and maintenance.

Building a meaningless and unacceptable app is not good for your business as the app works best on all the platform and provide the best result with acceptance by all the users. The main business objective is to increase the efficiency of the app and an outcome-driven application helps you in achieving efficiency and help you to serve customers more efficiently.

Monday, April 6, 2020


The hotel’s mobile web has gained importance and with time it may be reaching its peak which means your mobile web design is going to be a key to the success of your business in the future. According to the research report, it is claimed that mobile is currently driving 47% of all traffic more than a tablet and other gadgets.
In hotels, it is good to have a strong online presence and are easy to find and book through the mobile. Google rewards the mobile-friendly app and if your site is not mobile-friendly then your ranking will go down. So, best is to ask yourself whether you have a mobile-friendly site. Today, we will let you know two of the major mobile web design options to create a mobile-friendly site for users: responsive or adaptive.

Here, we have explained why it is good to have a mobile web design for hotels.

1. User Experience
The smartphones work efficiently if they have improved network speeds, longer battery life and more powerful processing like a laptop. The smartphone is the first computer that has an internet connection. Entry-level smartphones are cheap and are a good option for people who cannot afford to have a computer.
In the developed world, we are more connected to our phones than other gadgets where we keep on flicking through content and social feds at school or work. Previously, the phones were used only to answer questions that we have regarding restaurants, events and, yes, hotels.

2. Work
The smartphones are kept close by the employees like a computer. With its help, they can handle to search, shop, text, and mail. Even we are also reliant on our smartphones to stay connected to work emails. We are so attached to our phones that even for booking hotels, travel arrangements we use them.

It is best to choose the website that is responsive as it does not need more than 15-25 pages of content. Keep the design simple and the content should be short so that the user need not compromise. The adaptive design can be chosen for the for premium, luxury and boutique properties with deeper content.
So, now you might be clear that which mobile app design is best to choose. Before designing the app look at your hotel, current website, and the user you want to approach before preparing the application.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How to Build an App like Uber?

An app like Uber has emerged to change the entire realm of travelling and made ride sharing an easygoing course. It is now used worldwide as an affordable facility, transforming the functionality to mobile apps to real-time apps. Today, Uber’s on-demand service model can be applied to almost all the industries and their niches. It is not exaggerating to say that the demand for an on-demand solution is increasing with every passing day. People optimise their power of imagination and conceptualise an unforeseen niche with an on-demand solution. Examples come from the fields of healthcare, beauty services and on- demand salons, on-demand mechanic/gas delivery service/transportation/food delivery service etc.

The right approach to planning for an ‘Uber like’ app development is to,
    1. Dive into the industry with a Primitive Approach.
    2. Build a sustainable model to aggregate the demand in the form of a mobile app for the service providers and customers.
    3. Meet this demand of the customers with a distributed supply chain management.
    4. Retain your customers.

This is best achieved by formulating an excellent app design, being precarious with the appropriate feature selection and a rather proactive launch phase. Building an Uber clone requires careful planning. Know what the possible innovation for the driver’s and the passenger’s app could be. Once this is clear, you can proceed with the advanced set of features. Uber customer apps must consider the journey from the consumer’s viewpoint. Apart from this, you should always try to attract and retain both the drivers and the customers for a smooth functioning. For the best Uber clone, you need to work on the features and functionalities.

If you’re striving to create your own Uber app (or its counterpart), you must realise that there is the need for two app modules. The original platform consisting of the Driver App designed for drivers partnering with the company and the Passenger App meant for ordinary customers who book their rides. Apart from that, the platform should also come with an admin panel that’s capable of managing and monitoring the platform’s work.

Admin panels are web-based and demand certain efforts on the part of your web development service vendor. It should give you a convenient overview of business processes as well as provide capabilities of managing payrolls and collecting user data.

The basic features on the passenger app are:
    • geolocation and routing,
    • payment integration,
    • registration and personal data management,
    • call or text the driver right from the app,
    • push notifications,
    • ride cost estimation,
    • top quality UI and UX design.

The advanced features on the passenger app are:
    • scheduling a ride in advance,
    • favourite destinations,
    • booking a ride for others and
    • splitting a fare with companions.

The basic features on the driver app are:
    • driver reports,
    • advanced route optimisation,
    • personal profile editing,
    • 'active / inactive' option (active drivers are visible on the map, inactive aren't),
    • calling a passenger from the app, and
    • generating daily / monthly reports of past bookings and earnings.

The advanced features on the driver app are:
    • driver destination,
    • quest earnings,
    • forward dispatch,
    • free cancellation within a stipulated time frame and
    • heat maps.
The cost estimation towards the conceptualisation of the app includes decisions as under:
    • selection of app operating systems (IOS or Android)
    • selection of coding language
    • measuring quality and user-friendliness of the UI/UX design
    • integration of total number of features in the app
    • time consumed to design and develop the app before launching it.

For building a mobile app like Uber for your business, determine the scope of work and then decide upon the number of resources. There are many different types of pricing model that you could choose from – time-based, scope based, fixed price and fixed time pricing model, or dedicated resource hiring. While some of these models are based on the client’s demand, the others are determined by the Mobile app development firm itself. Now brace yourself to build a disruptive business with Uber like app.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Benefits of hiring a professional web design company!!

Who requires a website design company? Doing it without anyone's help appears like a sweet piece of cake. Download some software or utilize your web facilities organization has created in site making software. Spend a couple of hours and after that *poof*, your site is finished. Perhaps not.
The most concerning issue in digital marketing today is that entrepreneurs don't see how essential their site can be to their company. The fa├žade and usefulness of your site can represent if you’ll be successful or not. While doing it without anyone's help will positively spare you cash, but in 1 year you will have lost more income and goodwill than it would have cost to procure an expert website designer… twice in a year. The present sites are not at all like those, we have seen 5 years ago. They fill in as both a 24-hour displaying vehicle for your business and a device to make your life simpler. So what's the big deal having your site done by professionals? Here are some reasons why working with an expert beats doing it without anyone else's help.

1. A Positive First Impression
The second some individual visits your site, they shape a view of your business. This sentiment is based on the fact how your site look. Regardless of the possibility that you give the best service on the planet or your items can cure tumor, your site is the only thing that will do the talking. What do you need it to state? When you go the additional mile to procure an expert website design company, they'll see the distinction and your first impression will be essentially more positive.

2. Compatibility with Latest Mobile Technologies
On the off chance that you are not a consultant or working for a website design company, you presumably have little learning of new and upcoming innovative techniques for mobile sites. This can cost you huge. For instance, we know mobile is developing each month, but what solutions will you use to make your site fit for mobile use? If, you didn't know about responsive website, you may rather be paying a month to month charge to have an organization make and keep up a mobile rendition of your site. An expert website design service would instruct you on responsive plan and manufacture your web page utilizing the innovation, sparing you many dollars. Moreover, as cell phones are coming out more and more innovative, is your independent site ready to adjust? No one knows, yet with an expert your website will probably be much more future proof.
So, what are you waiting for, just call a web design company to avail the above given benefits.

Benefits Of IOS App Development For Your Business

In today’s world of technology, mobile applications play a vital role in the growth and development of businesses. Having a mobile app with ...